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The RMI Board has approved a special membership fee dispensation for the next 2 years, which would:

  • Grow membership so that we can meaningfully interact with government on the growing and inhibitive requirements being placed on test stations.
  • So that we can participate in nation wide service provision of national customers with the Multi-Point inspections and other services.
  • Build our capacity and capability with new knowledge and training. Including topics like Periodic Testing, Testing of Electric Vehicles and other alternately powered vehicles with Webinars for Examiners and Proprietors.
  • Initiate an academic study on the value of vehicle inspection controls to reduce road fatalities.

How much will it cost?

R3500 plus VAT = R4025
for the first station

Only R1000 plus VAT = R1150
For each additional/secondary station

Benefits Include:

• All the RMI value added services.

• Free representation in litigation proceedings (MIBCO, CCMA, Labour Court) by RMI IR Specialists.

• All associated drafting and filing of applications and opposing papers.

• Benefitting by association of all the RMI stakeholders.

• Access the Multi-Point Inspection portal from all your stations.

Applicable to new and existing members

Act now and email or call your local Regional Chairperson


Julian Pillay 


Ferose Oaten 

Naeem Sheik 

Cell: 079 502 4344



Hennie Vermaak 

Cell: 061 518 1950