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Why VTA?

The VTA (formerly known as NVTA) is an organisation that represents the private vehicle testing stations involved in testing and issuing roadworthy certificates in terms of the National Road Traffic Act and SABS 047. It is a legal entity. The RMI/VTA accreditation programme ensures that all members meet the standards and criteria set by VTA in accordance with SANS 10216. We have Several Vehicle Testing Stations nationally that belong to the VTA and offer an array of great services in the vehicle testing arena. All services from our members are conducted with specialist equipment, expert knowledge, and experienced examiners to test your vehicles.

The main strategic objectives of the RMI-VTA are as follows:

    1.  Lobby for the implementation of periodic testing through a focus on safer vehicles;
    2.  Building the brand and reputation of the association and its members;
    3.  Ensure the long term sustainability of the industry;
    4.  Ensure that all members have sufficient information and news to remain compliant and relevant;
    5.  Ensure good stakeholder relationships and represent the best interest of the association and its members in all forums.

In conjunction with the above, members can benefit from the following:

    1. Affiliation to a reputable organisation recognised by Government, Big businesses, consumers and relevant stakeholders.
    2. Regulatory compliance function – advising on all regulatory aspects to ensure your business is operating within the ambit of all laws in South Africa as well as compliance with regulations and standards
    3. Representation on Technical Working Groups at the SABS – Ensuring that members’ interests are protected and that their voices are heard during the establishment or amendment of standards or compulsory specifications relating to the industry
    4. Represent the industry in engagement with the National Department of Industry, the SABS Inspectorate as well as industry focus groups with regard to new and amended legislation affecting the roadworthy and related industries; and protecting the interests of the members.
    5. Holding members accountable – Commitment and undertaking expected of all members to the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Charter; as well as expecting adherence to the RMI Code of Conduct.
    6. Improving the trading conditions of members by promoting services and products by members.
    7. Labour and Industrial Relations
      • Professional Labour advice by expert industrial relations Specialists, to ensure you are both procedurally and substantially fair when disciplining your staff.
      • Industrial Relations Seminars focused on rules, agreements and industry-specific topics affecting your business.
      • Chairing of disciplinary hearings and AUTOMATIC entry and representation at the CCMA and Labour Court.
    8. Consumer Protection Act
      • CPA support and members’ assistance with paperwork when defending cases against a consumer at the NCC (National Consumer Commission) and MIOSA (Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa.
      • Facilitation of a business to business complaint, where both parties are RMI/VTA members.
    9. Industry Communication, Meetings and Networking
      • The informative Automobil magazine, weekly web letters and newsletters which facilitate two-way communication and create consumer & industry awareness.
      • World perspective and news about periodic testing from all over the world, through association with CITA (International Vehicle Inspection Committee) based in Brussels.
      • Facilitate regular meetings with members, with speakers from industry, the Provincial Departments of Transport, the SABS and other relevant role-players.
    10. RMI Specific Products
      • The offering of industry-specific products like RMI4BEE /RMI4LAW / RMI4SURE/RMI4OHS