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SABS or National Department of Transport Audits are a regular occurrence for vehicle test stations in South Africa and are often a laborious and stressful process. Preparation for your audit is an important and key element for the successful running of your test station.

Some Management Reps have had many years of experience in handling audits by the SABS or the National Department of Transport and would have many tips to share. We asked a Management Rep of one of our members to give a brief overview of how she ensures that she is ready to be audited.

Here are some of her tips:

  1. Previous SABS Audit – ensure that all findings have been closed out and that the evidence is ready to demonstrate this.
  2. Quality Manual
    1. Know your way around the manual and know exactly where to find what.
    2. Be very familiar with work instructions, as these documents, together with the procedures state how things are done at your test station. Your actions at the station need to align with these work instructions.
  3. TS1
    1. Ensure that the TS1 is up to date
    2. Adjustments need to be made when new Examiners join or when Examiners leave
  4. Staffing
    1. Ensure that all have an updated and signed job description.
    2. Ensure that the Training file for each employee is updated.
  5. Levies – Proof of payment is always requested.
  6. Ensure that Quality Checks are up to date and that the various scopes of Quality Checks are covered (full, document etc.)
  7. Internal audits
    1. Ensure that all internal audits have been completed
    2. Ensure that all areas have been covered by audits conducted.

You may have other tips and preparations you make in order to assist in having a successful and smooth audit and we invite you as our valued members to share these with us and fellow VTA members to help enhance the industry.

Please share your tips by emailing them to the VTA Associational Director, Julian Pillay at

Compiled by Ferose Oaten