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VTA/RMI Policy for Multi-Point Inspection


While the RMI or the VTA cannot endorse any of the services of its members, it does
recognise the value of such a service to members of the public, and an added benefit to its

Hence, in support of members, the VTA has undertaken the following: 

    • Design and host an electronic platform to enable such Multi-Point inspections in a test station environment.
    • The above-mentioned platform will be hosted on the official VTA website that will be set up and managed by Connect-IT Life.
    • Monitor the number of inspections monthly
    • Visit the Financial Institutions, insurance companies and warranty companies, etc on behalf of its members, to promote this service, with a list of test stations accredited to provide the service.


This document seeks to outline the conditions under which VTA member test stations can offer the Multi-Point Inspection, which would be a condition report used by motorists to submit to their financial institutions and similar stakeholders to convey the condition of their vehicle for finance or other purposes.


The RMI or VTA cannot endorse the inspections done by individual member stations. However, any test station that is a paid-up member of the VTA at its registered physical address of the test station will be given access to the electronic multi-point inspection platform that will be hosted on the VTA’s website.


This document applies only to activities related to the performance of a multi-Point inspection.


    • It is the responsibility of the Member who should appoint a responsible person, which may be the Management Representative of the test station, to ensure that the Multi-Point inspection is carried out diligently.
    • The person conducting the Multi point inspections may be a vehicle examiner or a person in the full-time employment of the test station, trained and found to be competent by the management representative.
    • Ensure that all staff involved in this process understand the depth of the inspection required and that they have received all the information needed.
    • It is further the responsibility of the Member / Proprietor to be willing to engage with customers who are not satisfied with the inspection, or where defects have been missed on the report by the Inspector and take ultimate accountability for the report and its consequences.
    • The management rep or responsible appointed person shall act as the quality controller for the inspection.


    • This inspection will be promoted and marketed to Finance Houses, Insurance
      companies and other relevant stakeholders by the Director of the VTA, Julian Pillay.
    • Access credentials will be issued to VTA members in good standing, and they will be able to conduct the inspections electronically at the cost price of R 120 incl. VAT per inspection.
    • Members will purchase tokens and the token will be required to release the test report to the test station who may then furnish their customers with final report.
    • When a customer submits a vehicle for this inspection, the terms and conditions should be made clear to them, and they would be expected to sign for acceptance of same.
    • Should there be defects, please indicate the defects. Should the customer want to repair and come back to get a clean report, it is recommended that a re-inspection be done either for free or at a fee determined by the test station. In any event, if you have identified an item as a defect, it does not render it non- financeable, and should the defects be repaired, it may continue to provide good service.


    • The VTA will conduct “Train the Trainer” sessions in each active province to ensure that each Test Station has at least one fully trained competent Multi Point inspector. This trained individual/s will receive a certificate of attendance for their training and will then be responsible for training their own staff at a specific test station.
    • Evidence of such training should be provided to the VTA.


    • Participating members are required to accept the terms and conditions as requested upon registration.
    • Members who do these inspections should be willing to be held liable for any item that is missed during the inspection.
    • It is recommended that Professional Indemnity Insurance be considered and taken.


The fee to be charged for the multi point inspection will be at the discretion of the individual testing station. However, the VTA reserves the right to introduce a recommended price per inspection at a future date.