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VTA Free Safety Campaign for Easter 2023

Have your car checked before your holiday trip!!!!

Participating VTA vehicle testing stations around the country are offering motorists FREE safety critical checks on their vehicles from 3 April 2023 to 6 April 2023. The campaign aims to help motorists make safety their first priority this Easter.

Roads during the Easter period are notoriously dangerous and extra precautions need to be taken. It is therefore essential to have a safety check on your vehicle to identify potential hazards and prevent additional damage before it happens.

The VTA continue to give their full commitment to Road Safety in South Africa. To locate your nearest participating Testing Station, call your regional RMI office on the numbers given below.

NOTE:  This check is not a roadworthiness test, but rather a Safety Critical Test to ensure your vehicle is free from defects before you embark on your Easter journey, with the aim being to reduce the number of road deaths this holiday season.

Please note that there are currently no participants in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State and Eastern Cape

 List of Safety Critical items to be checked:

  • All lights
  • Seat Belts
  • Wipers
  • All Tyres
  • All Brakes
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Indication of defective Wheel Alignment

Participating VTA vehicle testing stations currently offering motorists FREE safety critical checks:

RegionTrading NameAddressContact NameContact Number
GautengNIGEL PRIVATE TEST STATIONCnr 1st & Merivale Rd, NigelJUAN VERMAAK0118144357
GautengSUPER TEST NUFFIELD247 Jansen Road,NutfieldSANDRA VERMAAK0113630998
GautengMOOT TEST CENTRE616 Ella Street, GezinaMAKHOSAZANA M NGWEKAZI0123291551
GautengA+ SAFE DRIVE CRESTA342 Beyers Naude Drive, JohannesburgTOM BAILEY0116784586
GautengBATELEUR TESTING STATION258 Chaperone Street, GermistonBASIL KEEVY0118241834
GautengQUALITY TEST STATION Cnr Maskena Road & Thema Road, SpringsAMOS SIBIYA0833653231
KwaZulu-NatalWESTMEAD TEST STATION18 Kyalami Rd, WestmeadANNABEL GOVENDER0317006039
KwaZulu-NatalASIPHEPHE VEHICLE TEST STATION18 Clayborne St, PietermaritzburgNAEEM SHEIK03334533358
KwaZulu-NatalROADWORTHY KZN60 Monty Naicker Rd, DurbanMOHAMED FARHAD KHAN0313322323
KwaZulu-NatalVEHICLE ROADWORTHY CENTRE84 Lansdowne Road, MobeniVICKASH RAMTAHAL0314611069
KwaZulu-NatalDERRICKS VEHICLE TEST CEN22 Main Street KokstadSHANNON GODDEN0397272647
KwaZulu-NatalCMH UD PINETOWN14 Devon Road, PinetownNASH0317003472
KwaZulu-NatalCOR TEST CENTRE41 Joule Crescent, 1 Mariann Park, NothdeneTRISHAL RAMTAHAL0317910215
KwaZulu-NatalKADBRO TESTING STATION48 Faraday Street, NewcastleYUNUS KADER0343152748
KwaZulu-NatalKENS ONE STOP REPAIRS8 Walter Reid Road, TonggatINDRAN REDDY0329454364
KwaZulu-NatalUMNGENI TEST STATION587 Umngeni Road, DurbanC DEORAJ0313122120
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – AIRPORT INDUSTRIABorston Circle, Airport IndustriaRODNEY COETZEE0219344900
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – WINGFIELDC/o Dumiy and Voortreker Rd, BellvilleNOOR SAMODIEN0215924522
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – BELLVILLEOlymoic Park, Voortreker Road, GoodwoodBRANDON OLIVIER0219496944
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – CULEMSir Lowry Road, 86 Cape TownKOBUS MILES0214194677
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – KENILWO422 Imam Haron Road Lansdorne SAM OLIVIER0216967096
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION – TABLEVI139 Blaauberg Rd, Table ViewBRIGETTE RICH0215566309
Western CapeAVTS ROADWORTHY STATION3 Calvyn Street, StrandCHRISTAL SOLOMON0218530880
Western CapeHSVTS7 Drunkery Street, CeresCHRISTO VAV  ZYL0215924221
VTA Testing Stations offering the promotion

RMI Telephone numbers:
KZN 031 266 7031
Western Cape 021 939 9440
Gauteng 011 886 6300