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Safety critical components in your vehicle

We all understand the importance of vehicle maintenance, and in any vehicle, there are certain safety critical components and motorists need to be aware of these and ensure they are maintained regularly.

Our roads are plagued with unroadworthy vehicles, and in the absence of any formal periodic testing for passenger vehicles, many of the safety critical components on these vehicles have long been neglected. These vehicles are death traps, not only for the passengers in the vehicle but for other road users too. We have to get serious about regular maintenance of vehicle components to make sure our roads are safer, through the VTA, the RMI has been campaigning for several years for regular periodic testing to be enforced.

A concern is the absence of a regular regime of testing for approximately 80% of the vehicle population. Private vehicles in South Africa are only tested for roadworthiness upon change of ownership. Vehicles used for reward are tested more regularly, such as taxis and trucks annually and buses, every six months.

Safety critical components can be described as the life and limb components of the car. These are the types of components that, if not checked and maintained, make a vehicle unroadworthy, undrivable, and imminently an accident waiting to happen.

The brake system, suspension system, tyres, and visibility (i.e. windscreens, wipers, lights, etc.) make up the four major groups of parts that are considered safety critical components. An accredited vehicle testing station that is a member of the VTA, can undertake a comprehensive multipoint check on your vehicle. They will also be able to assess and advise you on the status of your safety critical components and give you peace of mind.

Not only can you be assured of a quality service but if you are not happy with the service received at a VTA member business recourse through the RMI’s dispute resolution process is at your disposal.